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been away...

2011-08-22 04:16:54 by mrmcduts

been away for a while

21 bitches!!!

2011-06-27 15:58:56 by mrmcduts

being 21 is much better when you have an Irish family :P

who wants a drink?

21 bitches!!!

time sig entry

2011-05-20 17:28:20 by mrmcduts

byawwww /421682

Streets of rage remake!

2011-04-27 22:14:17 by mrmcduts

oh god my dreams came true.

a streets of rage remake game was released a few days ago, ive played it and its the shit.
apparently the makers of this game took 8 years or so to complete it, that said its full of awesomeness.
The thing i like best about this game is that they remade the soundtrack... and it sounds pretty epic.
the songs are all over youtube if you want to listen.

other things like new playable characters, artwork, game modes, and all sorts of other goodies have been added too.

unfortunately the site that the game came from was shut down, its rumored to be segas doing.

im not going to provide a DL link or anything but.... yeah google is your friend.

Streets of rage remake!


2011-03-25 02:37:30 by mrmcduts

reaaaaally liked how this came out /408767


These are all my Videogame/chiptune type of tracks i have made so far... /403918 /405312 /401298 /402688 /402031

so yeah...

whattid i tell you about them vidja games, goddangit bobby!

Looking For Work

2011-02-27 05:14:23 by mrmcduts

Right now im open for any work related to composing songs/sounds for any games/movies/what have you.
If your in need of something like that then pm me!


2011-02-22 17:04:42 by mrmcduts

just making some tunes, nothin to see here move along